Activity for Mental Health explores all forms of activity, as a means to both manage mental illness and advance mental health in the general population. This book not only reviews the evidence behind activity, but also reveals why it is so effective. Physical, social, nature, cognitive, art/hobby, and music activity are thoroughly investigated in separate chapters. The focus is on informal activity therapy as a simple, direct, and very positive intervention. More formal Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT) is also presented to demonstrate the power of behavioral activation. Case examples connect the benefits with real life scenarios and assist in the application of activity therapy. From this comprehensive coverage, Activity for Mental Healthprovides the information needed for clinicians, researchers, and policy makers, to effectively treat mental illness and advance mental health.

Key Features

Distinguishes informal activity therapy from more formal Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT), revealing the role that behavioral activation plays in both.

Provides evidence for physical, social, nature, cognitive, art/hobby, and music activity, in regards to treating mental illness and advancing mental health in the general population.

Reveals the unique ways that specific forms of activity work, as with nature exposure modulating nervous system stress responses and music processing emotions.

Highlights the core reasons why activity is so robust, including evolutionary influences.

Presentation of intriguing case examples showing the negative impact of inactivity and benefits of activity for mental health.

Demonstrates the ease of applying activity therapy, thereby providing clinicians with a simple and robust intervention strategy.

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